About Us

Who We Are

Our company has been established since 2001 and has adopted the quality concept since its establishment and always prioritizes customer satisfaction. It serves in an indoor area of 4.000 m2. Not only until we sell the product, we always stand firm behind our goods.

We take this power of our products from the confidence in the quality of each product produced by our own staff, we take from our staff. The main objective is to meet the needs of our customers without compromising product quality. The most important factor that makes the “EFEM TABLE CHAIR” different is the quality of the raw materials used.

EFEM DESK CHAIR, followed by an honest, productive, robust policy of containing faith and confidence, currently exporting to 11 points abroad, Turkey has become a firm providing services in more than 200 points across.

In order to respond effectively to customer expectations, EFEM MASA SANDALYE products, which we produce, have been renowned for their quality and durability.

EFEM TABLE CHAIR, with its mission and principles, will continue to be more and more home guests day by day.


With our employees, partners, customers, product and service suppliers; working professionally with a team philosophy, creating a safe, peaceful, transparent, democratic and profitable environment and ensuring its continuity, using our resources effectively, environmentally sensitive, competitive quality, open to innovation and developments, meeting the expectations of our shares, It is our mission to be a brand in the industry that contributes to its economy.


In the light of our management and production strategies that we have established within the framework of our basic quality policies, as an advanced and respected organization in the sector with our products; Our vision is to be among the leading organizations, to be a reference in quality, to be a follower of the latest technology, to be a pioneer in design and aesthetics with its modern line, to be the choice of customers in domestic and foreign markets.

Satisfaction Policy

Our basic principle is to meet the demands of our customers by ensuring customer satisfaction and to respond to all positive or negative feedbacks of our customers as soon as possible. To make all our working system focused on customer satisfaction. Considering the legal and legislative terms, financial and operational conditions, the input of the customer, staff and other parties.

Table Set70
Coffee Table30
Bunk Bed45
Tea Sets25
Singular Product35

Monthly Production Capacity